Gear can get misaligned easily through use or even rough transportation. When your job requires precision, let our factory-trained technicians bring your gear back to the accuracy you need to provide the most accurate data possible.


We are a factory-authorized repair facility for all Leica Geosystems survey and construction equipment. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures you receive consistent high-quality calibration and repairs for a variety of makes and models of survey and construction equipment.

Not All Service is
Created Equal

Our goal is to make your investment last longer and perform better with minimal downtime. We provide top-of-the-line services for your top-shelf gear so you can ensure your results stay accurate.

  • 70 point inspection + adjustment of any issues from the inspection
  • Test the standing axis for repeatability and wear
  • EDM power and alignment
  • Automatic target recognition ATR power and alignment
  • Power search and alignment
  • Tilting axis alignment
  • Check EDM frequency
  • Gear graphs which diagnose gear and motor wear
  • Test tilt unit for accuracy and adjustment
  • Bluetooth broadcast test
  • Touchscreen test
  • Circle cleanliness
  • Baseline checks and adjustment
  • Factory authorized service
  • Factory audited service facility
  • ISO 9001 audited
  • Traceable calibration certificates
  • The most experienced technicians
  • Protect your investment with service and maintenance designed to extend the life and preserve the tight tolerance
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