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Leica Geosystems makes it surprisingly easy for the building design and construction industry to put BIM to work in the field. Adopting a BIM process means more than building efficiently – it's also a way to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Building industry professionals use Leica Geosystems' BIM solutions to capture existing building information for renovations and retrofits, to digitally lay out new construction in the field and to perform quality assurance checks during construction for improved accuracy and reduced rework. BIM is a very powerful way to design and build. The Leica Geosystems' BIM solution concept is the BIM Field Trip – a lifecycle process that brings reality into BIM and BIM into reality.

The BIM Field Trip involves capturing reality and informing the 3D model with highly accurate as-built point clouds. New design models are then created around the as-built point clouds, and construction layout points are added to the model to be replicated on the jobsite using total stations and multistations, bringing BIM to reality. During construction, as-built information is captured with high definition scanners and multistations. The point clouds and discrete measurement points are compared against the as-designed model to immediately identify deviations and head off expensive downstream coordination issues in the field.    

You can't achieve this kind of accuracy with a plumb bobs and tape measures, especially with today's complex designs and demanding construction schedules. The BIM Field Trip means less rework and new levels of construction accuracy, speed, predictability and profitability.

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